Episode – Summer!

Well, I’m still on vacation so it’s challenging to sit on the summer while so many fun summer events are happening. Anyways, this show turned out pretty good. We ambushed the new Horse and Cow. We, in turn, got ambushed by Greg from Sloppy Joe and The Car Bombs. Oh…and ambushed by Mayor Patty Lent. Hear What’s Up that she says about the future of Harrison Hospital!

Episode 35 Plus – Random

Well ya – I’m catching up. Fell off the loop for a bit and have some catching up to do – god I love vacation. Anyways, there is plenty to enjoy. I laughed my ass off just reviewing the mic.

Interview with A and C

Interview w Scott Mac at Cookies

Live comedy at Cookies

Mary interview at Cookies


Episode 34 – Nine Points and Boulevard Park

Alas! I finally am getting back to “normal.” Sorry about missing a week but we did manage to get a great interview with Greg Stewart and his story of producing marijuana. Then this week we met up with Julian and Brian from Boulevard Park. Thanks friends! Next week the Newery – Slippery Pig Brewery has a new place we will talk about at The Manette Saloon’s Brewer Night! Hear What’s Up!

Episode 33 – Monicas and Moen

Just when I thought I had a handle on the show format we get this one. Got some of Moen’s songs from last week’s Greg benefit, then an interview with him on Monday this week, and finally an ambush interview at Monica’s Social Club. Turned out to be a good show but JEEEEZ Mike, has anyone ever told you that you aren’t loud enough? Funny shtuff and thanks again Mike.

Episode 31 – Old Town Pub and The Echo Devils

A blustery yet sunny evening on the deck of the Old Town Pub with Jules, Mark and Cully reminiscing the days of yore. And then there is Miguel of The Echo Devils who brings the goodness of yesteryear with the sounds of today. Looking forward to seeing him at Whaling Days and the Kustom Kulture Festival.

Episode 28 – Kitsap Music and Adventure Drunk

Yet another terrific show! Dan, owner of Kitsap Music, is amazing in so many ways. I was so impressed with his drumming for the musicians’ showcase; and that was after his colorful interview about 30 years at KM! Another rad impression came from our musical guest Bob from – Adventure Drunk… Way cool songs! Thank you Bob!

And then there’s drop in Frank Madden -He spells sweet but doesn’t smell sweet. Always enjoy your company! Oh and Shane, JR and Sam…Thank you for the sound clips you put on my mic while I step away to get a beer. I can’t wait to use this against y’all when you run for city council!!!

Episode 27 – Manette Trading Company and Slut Penguin

Easiest editing show yet! The ebb and flow of Stuart at the Manette Trading Company along with special guests from Slut Penguin, Ben and John, made my side split from the hysterical get together. I did some research today too and will continue tomorrow about the controversial Manette project which includes the demise of the Maple Leaf. Next Wednesday….City Council? Here is the link to the city council paperwork. Item 6 from Study Session 4/9/14 spells it out. http://agendasystem.cloudapp.net/publish/ShowU?clientCode=BREM&publishPageSettingsId=d33416d7-25d1-44e6-9d32-55b97fa53824