Episode 27 – Manette Trading Company and Slut Penguin

Easiest editing show yet! The ebb and flow of Stuart at the Manette Trading Company along with special guests from Slut Penguin, Ben and John, made my side split from the hysterical get together. I did some research today too and will continue tomorrow about the controversial Manette project which includes the demise of the Maple Leaf. Next Wednesday….City Council? Here is the link to the city council paperwork. Item 6 from Study Session 4/9/14 spells it out. http://agendasystem.cloudapp.net/publish/ShowU?clientCode=BREM&publishPageSettingsId=d33416d7-25d1-44e6-9d32-55b97fa53824


Episode 26 – Cat Alverado and The Iverson Brothers

Sorry to get the show out late this week but oh well. Cat Alverson joined us at Hale’s Brewery to discuss his recording and production pursuits. Sean from The Iverson Brothers enlightened us to his experiences with the band and what they are up to next. It happened to be the kick-off for the campaign of County Auditor hopeful Dolores Gilmore. We of course ambushed interviewed her – Way to go Dolores. Hear’s What’s Up!

Episode 22 – Brother Don’s and Jeff Tassin’s Songwriters’ Showcase

Playing it cool tonight with JR and Sam at Brother Don’s. Jeff Tassin is the amazing host for this “open mic” with a twist. Over 20 musicians played and while I didn’t get an interview with Jeff tonight I was able to piece together some audio captured of him telling about upcoming events. And of course I posted a couple of his songs in the show…and threw in one of mine! Thanks Bro D and Jeff for another great night and KW Episode!


Episode 20 – The Fabrications, The Enemies Of…, and Brownfinger!?!

What really?! Yes, I did podcast in 2005. It is amazing, and a bit eerie, to hear how much has changed yet has stayed the same. Because of my scheduling errors we took a step back almost a decade to hear interviews of the band and the news. The Fabrications kick it off and Brownfinger closes it! Hear What’s Up!

Enemies of…Belfair

enemie short_0002


Episode 18 – Hi-Fidelity Lounge and Nabii Ko$mo

Another wonderful Kitsap Weekly episode. This is our second round with Lisa at the Hi-Fi and someday we will get that first one up again – dang! Nabii is a first though. The youngest guest by far, arguably the most articulate, and fo wooshnizle he’s gots some of the hippest beats – thanks Ko$mo!